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Friday, December 25, 2009
Thoughts on 2009

As 2009, draws to a close, I have been thinking a lot.  Many things have happened this year.

1)  Now own a car.

2)  Received promotion to senior staff nurse

3)  Got a girlfriend again.

When I started out this yr, it seemed like this yr will be the same as the past few years.  And it was by a large the same.  Number one occured in May though I actually received the car in June.  Number 2 and 3 only in the final month of Dec.  Guess things can happen very fast. 

Posted at 07:13 pm by philipkee
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Friday, December 04, 2009
Resolution for 2010

In this past year, have been thinking about how I conducted my life in the past one year.  Have been trying to improve my social life... well have done so but well, like not much changes.  What I have done is reduced vastly my travelling and running resulting in a poorer health and less of those great memories.

For 2010, perhaps I will go back to my marathon running and travelling for marathons and backpacking again.

Posted at 03:01 pm by philipkee
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Proud owner of a new 1-6 L Avante

Cannot seem to upload any image here.  Oh well, the title says it all.

Posted at 11:57 pm by philipkee
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Thursday, May 21, 2009
Tioman trip

The past three days have been very tiring for me.  Woke up early on Monday to catch the van with my friend to Tioman.  At Tioman, after checking into the hotel, rented the necessary equipment and then off to a nearby island to snorkel.

Dinner was a buffet dinner.

Needless to say, Tuesday was the same except that the snorkelling event was an organised one.  Went to the marine park and another island.  After that, we went for our own snorkelling by the coast as a lot of fish were seen.

After dinner, watched the show "What lies benath" that was screened on the big screen.

Today, came back from Tioman.  Quite tired after the trip.

Posted at 12:01 am by philipkee
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Thursday, April 16, 2009
Emergency department

I can see one trend in the emergency department.  We are having more lodgers and more of these lodgers need trolleys for transportation and this trend is increasing.   Well, one might say that there are more patients attending the dept but I beg to differ.  Oh, we do have about 400 to 500 patients daily which has been the norm for goodness knows when but the point is that the proportion of patients who need to be triaged to P2 and above or require trolleys to be transported to the ward is increasing.

As reception nurse, it is getting more and more difficult to get people to send cases since we need two staff to transport the patient on the trolley instead of one on a wheelchair.  Some might argue that the reception nurse should be more forceful in forcing people to send case but I feel that the point is being missed. 

The situation we are in is not something that could not  be foreseen.  The relevant authorities already know in advance years before that the population is ageing and one can extend this to higher emergency dept attendances.  Yet they have not done enough to solve the problem.  If the nurses start fighting among themselves being more forceful to achieve the goal, then the nurses will not be united and as a result, the authorities can just take their time to do things since the nurses are too busy fighting among themselves to bother about things like faulty policies and the such.

Yet, by not being forceful or fighting, the goals might not be achieved and the job not done.  No easy way to solve this issue.  Haiz..........  Can feel myself changing due to circumstances.

Posted at 01:56 am by philipkee
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guess the title must be attention grabbing to those hwo actually bother to read.  Well, mainly things are written in facebook, friendster and MSN.  A lot of things have been happening to me in the past one month and I feel made used of by someone I thought was my good friend.

I guess that I have been too scrupulous (though ahem, I must disagree here to be honest) and expect too much from people even though I have always thought that was basic courtesy.  Anyway, life goes on....

Posted at 12:16 pm by philipkee
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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Brisbane trip

This is the first trip I have been to where I have only blogged after the trip is over.  It was vey tiring, with daily activities.

On Tuesday, which was departure day, I met Raju at Brisbane airport.  We had a good chat, ate in the city before walking over to the motel to meet the rest of the guys.

On Wednesday, we went to Gold Coast.  I had fun swimming in the sea though for a short while, I did worry that I was abou to drown as the current kept pulling me further and further away from shore.  Fortunately, I managed to get back to shore.

On Thursday, I went to lone pine valley to see the koalas and the kangaroos.  At night, we took the city ferry to view the sights.

On Friday, I went to Moreton Island.  There we did some sand sledding and swimming in the lake.  This is the time when I feel that it was a blessing in disguise that I actually forgot to bring my camera as the sand was so fine that most of my friends' cameras were ruined.

On Saturday, we visited Royal Brisbane Hospital.  We visited one ward.  After that, we went to Mt Cootha lookout.  After that, we went to Chermside shopping centre.  The shopping centre was huge......  We had dinner and afer that, we went to the casino.  After checking that the rest of the group were secure in the casino, me and Raju went to our long awaited night's out.

We chatted along the bridges along the river, remembering hte time when I first came to Brisbane, where I wanted to throw my passport into the river.  Anything to stop myself from returning to work.  We also chatted about last time when we had our fun as guys in the ward.  We spent the nigh drinking and learning new card tricks.

Sunday, which is today, did some shopping before taking the plane back.

Posted at 09:52 pm by philipkee
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Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Trip to Brisbane- Departure day

Finally, after so many years, I am flying off to Brisbane to meet my long lost friend in Brisbane.  After hsi resignation in SGH and subsequent employment in Brisbane, we have made promise after promise to see each other again.  The last time we met face to face was in 2004.

At the airport now, waiting for my flight.  Only thing marring the trip so to speak was that I left my digital camera at home, after making sure batteries were fully charged and such... Grrr,.  Will borrow one for use in Brisbane.

Will meet my friends who have gone before me on Sunday.  They are now in Brisbane, doing dunno what, dunno where.

Posted at 08:27 am by philipkee
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Sunday, November 16, 2008
Rethinking friendship

Recently, many events have been happening to me which has caused me to re-think the idea of friendship.  Many people, or at least the few I have spoken to, all want a sincere friend.  The problem I find is that if I try to be a sincere friend, and a really true friend, I end up suffering.

I am not blaming anyone in this blog but it is just that I am very very tired of all these things.  My life has been designed in such a way that I have a need to share my feelings and problems with people and it is rarely reciprocated.  Some people do share with me and I do regard them as really good friends over time.  Unfortunately, these people have a habit of ending friendship over issues which are unknown to me.................

Posted at 11:35 pm by philipkee
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Sunday, November 09, 2008
Batam Mission

Well, back to Batam for another medical mission.  There is a difference in this trip in the sense that this time, I brought a friend with me. 

The ferry trip and loading up of stores were uneventful, same as last time.  The only difference was when while working, it was more busy as compared to the last time and last time round, I was in the screening group which was more of not much brain power as just take blood pressure and temperature.  This time, I actually had to vet through the medications.  Fortunately, I had my partner with me.

Dinner was in the church and after that, some shopping with the mandatory A&W root beer float.  Did some shopping then went back to the hotel to sleep.

On the second day, which is today, I overslept and went down half an hour late for the morning devotion.  Church service followed by a clinic session and checking of stock.

After that, it is lunch, some shopping and finally home sweet home.  Now in Harbourfront MacDonalds using their net to blog.....

Posted at 05:48 pm by philipkee
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